Our Vision

Phambili Services (PTY) LTD strives to become a leading service oriented company in the Waste Management Sector through:

  • Innovation and market leadership.
  • Cost effective and competent service provision.
  • Use of appropriate, environmentally acceptable and best available technology.
  • Customer focus and dedication.
  • High standards of excellence in the provision of client solutions.
  • Provision of sustainable solutions.
  • Committed and skilled staff.

Our Mission

Phambili Services (PTY) LTD is committed to sustainable social and economic development and the conservation of natural resources. We subscribe to the principle of integrated waste management which promotes;

  • Waste avoidance and minimisation.
  • Waste reduction, reuse, recycling and recovery principles.
  • Waste treatment and environmentally safe disposal as a last resort.
  • Prevention of pollution and ecological degradation.
  • Remediation where contamination poses a significant risk to human health and the natural environment.
  • Effective delivery of waste services.
  • A culture of environmental responsibility and community awareness of the impact of waste on human health, wellbeing and the natural environment.

Our Values

Professionalism, honesty and integrity are the foundation of Phambili Services (PTY) LTD culture and determines how we relate to clients and how Phambili Services (PTY) LTD conducts business. Phambili Services (PTY) LTD subscribe to and are committed to the following values;

  • Promoting the principles of prevention of pollution, waste reduction, re-use and recycling in the provision of client services.
  • Complying with waste management and environmental management legislation, policies and all related regulations applicable to our sector and advocating legal compliance to our clients.
  • Collaboration with other companies active in the waste management and environmental management sectors respectively and insourcing specialist expertise per project requirements.
  • Educating clients, communities and industry on the importance of responsible environmental sustainability
  • Continuous professional development of Phambili Services (PTY) LTD staff to inculcate a culture of competence and efficiency in the provision of client services.

Our Team



Vincent Charnley, is the executive director and the master mind behind Phambili Services. He has over 30 years’ experience in the Waste and Environmental sector and is passionate about the environment, preservation and the development of the green economy to reduce the environmental footprint.



Marushka Charnley, has been a director at Phambili Services since its inception in 1999 and is responsible for the day to day running of the business with particular emphasis on finance, project management and business development. Her leadership principles are governed by the importance of environmental responsibility and community awareness.


Field and Site Manager

Harry Raphuti is the Field & Projects Manager at Phambili Services. He is involved with the meticulous execution of projects, through examining processes and procedures and ensuring that they adhered to. Harry has lent his expertise to projects ranging between Manufacturing, Waste & Environmental Management and Asbestos Rehabilitation.


Project Manager

Jermaine maintains a passion
for business development and entrepreneurship in all its forms.

He plans to build on his business and leadership experience to further develop the opportunities in the burgeoning waste management sector by incorporating technology and innovation.


Office Manager

Zonke Mthethwa is the Office Manager at Phambili Services and takes care of the administrative commitments for Phambili Services’ projects. Zonke has a wide range of experience across different sectors, which she has tailored and adapted for maximum outputs in the Waste & Environmental Management sphere.